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Although things have been quiet at HQ, we have been busy testing new kit and building on line videos to help brighten up those solo walks.

As the warmer weather approaches, lighter shoes become the order of the day so we tested the NEW spin ultra shoes from SCARPA and have to say they score highly on a number of features. Although we were not able to venture far in our testing due to the restrictions at the moment, we did manage to go across a mix of terrain and we found the grip exceptional.

As for lightness, these just have to be the lightest but most robust she we have ever tested. Flexible in the forefoot so great for Nordic Walking and with a comfy inner ‘sock’ that holds the mid foot without causing sock bunching or rubbing, the shoes make you feel you are almost walking barefoot! (apart from the brilliant cushioning in the heel and sturdy sole that cuts out any stoniness underfoot)

The men’s version was a hit with the Guys who thought it worked perfectly with their go faster WALX leggings!

Although we are not walking as far as usual, the warmer weather does also herald the start of ‘blister season’ so we treat our feet regularly with STRIDE OUT FOOT OIL a natural product that conditions the feet and really does help. Use it before a walk to add a protective barrier for the feet. It really is devine!

By the same token, it’s also time to think about TICKS and once again don’t be fooled that because you are staying closer to home, you are not at risk. Ticks are common anywhere that animals graze, deer are present or where there is ferny undergrowth and they carry Lyme Disease.

This is not something you want to risk at any time but especially when you need a strong immune system and want to avoid overloading the NHS. Take precautions by covering up your legs and  also using a spray like SMIDGE (also available in wipes and pocket size packs for your backpack)

We used it last year and now advise our whole team to keep it with them at all times as it’s the best we have tested, probably because it was developed in Scotland where they know a thing or two about little critters that bite!

While we seem to be focusing on our feet, we thought we would also highlight these super comfy socks by Lorpen – they also come in a lovely berry colour

We think they designed these with us in mind as the work brilliantly with our logos and of course the leggings which we will come onto now!

Forgive us for the air of excitement but we have teamed up with Flanci Activewear who produce the comfiest leggings we have ever tried. They also make skorts (a skirty short like combo) and capris and we were delighted that they agreed to design a special range just for us!

Designed to work with our NWUK and WALX brands and made to order, we have 4 exclusive designs to reveal and we are not holding back on the colour!!

These two lovely natural leafy designs pick out our favourite shades and the fabric can be made into Capris, shorts, leggings or even Skorts. They come with super comfy wide waistband, zip pocket for keys etc and ultimate stretchiness to make movement a pleasure!

They come in all sizes and are designed to flatter.

For those who want to big up the NEW WALX brand ….why not step out with the WALX footprint in style! Either in the all black tights with the footprints on one calf (as modelled above) or the all over jelly been style WALX print!

Subtle? NO! this fun fabric features our unique map contours background with lively little WALX footprints and it looks brilliant paired with  lime, black, white or purple tops too.

We are so looking forward to stepping out in style once things get back to normal. In the meantime, at least we are brightening up our short walks from home!


Click the WALX tab at the top to find our exclusive designs and enter this code to save 10% WALX10

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