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We all feel better if we walk more and this holds true for those people who unfortunately suffer with a medical problem, minor or more chronic. In fact, they probably benefit more because they are often starting from a lower base line of fitness.

The Wednesday mobility and balance walk, and the Gentle rehab walk lead by Physiotherapist Diana Drawbridge cater for people with a mild medical problem, and those with a more chronic neurological condition. There are attendees with diabetes, minor breathing difficulties due to cardiac problem, hip replacement, post knee surgery, peripheral neuropathy, hypermobility syndrome, and Parkinson’s disease.

Diana delivers the sessions in partnership with the Coast and Country WALX group based on the Soth Coast and this enables walkers to be signposted from her group into gentle wellness walks with the group or in reverse, for walkers in the regular group who need additional support to be referred to Diana. Denise Page who runs the WALX group says it is a ‘win win’ and having Dian on the team has allowed her to avoid turning anyone away.

Some of the comments from a regular walker includes:

“This is a great walk if you are physically challenged in any way. We walk as a group but our individual, specific needs are recognised and all activity takes our limitations into account. My fitness has definitely improved as a result of joining this class.”

“…I have gone from strength to strength and following arthroscopy surgery for my knee and now feeling no pain, it’s wonderful.

Having the peripheral neuropathy diagnosis in June of this year and the consultant was very pleased I was already enrolled in the Nordic walking wellness programme…

“I always feel so energised …and the camaraderie is great”

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