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We are excited to announce we are open for walks and outdoor exercise sessions. The schedule is online so please book your classes. You will find some of your old favorites and some new walks and sessions. There is plenty for Nordic Walkers and non pole users. We have photo groups, meditation, yoga and much more!

Have a look at the schedule below!

Please visit the website to book your sessions.

STOP PRESS – We have a fantastic 6 week offer available for you where you can have all of the benefits of a membership with no obligation!!! Use the link to find out more.

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WALX Coast and Country have walks and outdoor exercise sessions most days of the week on the beach, in the forest and woods and on the South Downs. They are designed for different levels of fitness and abilities. We are an open air Health Club without walls.

All of the sessions are planned and delivered by trained instructors.

Joining us also gives you access to a national programme of walks sessions. There are over 2000 sessions per week including the virtual classes.



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Meet the Team

Denise Page

Role: WALX Master

I decided it was time to change my life, so gave up a corporate position to go and live by the sea and get my life back. No more long hours commuting and time to enjoy being outside. I have always preferred exercising in the fresh air and decided it was time to share my passion.

Since moving to Littlehampton in May 2016  I have met some wonderful people as being active outside is so sociable. I have got to know the area extremely well and found some hidden gems; there are some wonderful walks and places to explore. We have beautiful countryside as well as miles of stunning coastline in Sussex.

I have been in the fitness industry for 28 years and have taught many forms of exercise. I particularly enjoy teaching outside sessions, specifically walking as I find it to be the most social and fun form of exercise I have ever been involved in. It is also kind on my body.

I enjoy running but am beginning to find it hard on my joints. Using poles for running and walking helps me stay fit with less impact on the knees.

I have a wealth of experience teaching all levels of fitness and strongly believe that if activity is fun it does not feel like exercise.

Not only am I the WALX Coast and Country Master trainer I also train others WALX instructors and play a key part in designing the WALX curriculum.

Pauline Jones

Role: WALX Guide

Since joining the Coast and Country WALX group  I have been introduced to walking in many places by the sea and in the countryside. There is something different to experience on every walk, and being able to exercise outdoors with other people enjoying their company and nature is brilliant.

I have enjoyed entering some local events and recently completed the Beachy Head Marathon, which was an amazing experience.

I lead a variety of of Nordic WALX and Total Body WALX.

Donald Nell

Role: WALX Coach

I first started Nordic Walking as a safe way to aid recovery from a torn Achilles Tendon and osteoarthritis. With quick results I have gone on to participate in a number of half marathons and charity walks.

My Nordic Walking gives me a sense of mental alertness and vigour, even on days when I’m not feeling my best. Literally, a spring in my step! After long hours working, there is nothing I enjoy more than the freedom of the outdoors in the company of my fellow Nordic walkers.

The physical strength I have gained from Nordic Walking means I am totally pain free. My muscles are more toned, and I am fitter than I have ever been before.

I decided to become a WALX Coach so I can share my positive mental and physical benefits with others. I use my experience in the military, classical dance and figure skating to teach the benefits of good posture and technique to get best results. I believe in a harmony of fun and effort to promote physical and mental wellbeing.

Lesley Hinton

Role: WALX Guide

I started Nordic Walking with the Littlehampton group in January 2018. Having tried the obligatory gym membership, I realised this wasn’t for me but I wanted to find a different way of exercising to get fit. Joining the group has by far exceeded my expectations. As well as feeling fitter than ever, I have met so many fantastic people and made many great friends.

The great thing about Nordic Walking is that you can exercise, chat and have such a laugh all at the same time! As I work as a nurse and Resuscitation Practioner, there is nothing better than being out in the fresh air either walking along the beach or in the Sussex countryside with your friends by your side – a brilliant de-stressor!

My greatest achievement so far has been walking 20 miles in the St Barnabas Night to Remember walk with the group. I have also completed the Chichester half marathon as a Nordic Walker for the second year running. My next goal is the Beachy Head marathon.

Mary-Jane Newman

Role: WALX Guide

I really enjoy being outdoors and keeping active. I worked in education but now that I’ve stopped working, I’m fortunate to be able to get outside more during the week. In my younger days I did a lot of running and more recently loved doing Boot Camp, but my knees can’t cope with that now! For me, Nordic Walking is great all round exercise, especially with some of the Total Body WALX which add even more variety. I joined the group in 2016 and my fitness levels have definitely improved. The group is very friendly and supportive; no matter what your fitness level everyone can exercise at their own pace and you get lots of encouragement. There’s lots of chatting during the sessions so it’s a very sociable way of exercising. We are also fortunate to have some beautiful places to walk and take in the fresh air – what more could you want?

I enjoy leading the Nordic WALX sessions, I have a lot of fun.

Mandy Border

Role: WALX Coach

I decided to become a WALX Coach because I wanted to get out and meet new people in the big outdoors, go exploring surrounded by wildlife and share those experiences with others. Being outside exercising, in any weather, helped to brighten my day and left me with a happy calmness that I never quite got in any other environment.

A big factor was picking up injuries just because I was sat still most of the day at a desk – the more supple I became again and I realised that not only did I not want to have a sedentary lifestyle any more, it was actually harming my health. The road back to healthy joints, ligaments and muscles was, happily, easier for me than others but I’m here to help anyone of any ability improve their all round fitness whatever that is for them.

I enjoy teaching Nordic WALX as well as Total Body WALX.

Richard Dickinson

Role: WALX Guide

I joined Nordic Walking with the Littlehampton group in 2017 after finishing my career in the aerospace industry. I’ve always enjoyed keeping active whilst at the same time being outdoors taking in the fresh air. I took up the activity as a means to achieving both objectives, and I never looked back. I’ve now retired but in my youth I was always keen to participate in sports and maintain a healthy work and lifestyle balance. Following recent back surgery, I’ve found Nordic Walking greatly contributed to the recovery process whilst at the same time helped to enhance my fitness level.

The biggest bonus is that you can exercise whilst simultaneously having a good chat and a laugh with likeminded individuals.  Nordic Walking is not only beneficial from a physiological standpoint, it’s also good for your mental wellbeing. We are fortunate to have such beautiful coast and countryside in which to walk and escape the daily stresses of life. The group is extremely friendly and supportive, and no matter what your fitness level is there are sessions that are suited to everyone’s abilities.

My greatest Nordic Walking achievement thus far has been putting in a respectable time at the Chichester half marathon. I’m presently doing the Walk 1000 Miles Annual Challenge, and hope to complete The Beachy Head half marathon next year.


Dale More

Role: 7

I am a retired MET police officer and physical trainer.

My wife bought me a pair of poles for Christmas last year and straight away I was hooked.

I researched online about trekking and Nordic walking and found NWUK /WALX.

I decided I liked this so much that I wanted to become a trainer.

I have recently passed the training and have been approved as a  trainer.

I get great satisfaction in seeing people gain in confidence and enjoying new experiences, getting physically fit and meeting new people and friends. It’s all part of what got me into training.

My favourite walks are :

Chailey common near Lewes, an ancient common area dating back to 1066 with beautiful views and a good mix of open ground small hills and wooded areas.

Ditchling Beacon / Black Caps, (South Downs walks). So many routes to take its endless

Airman’s grave  (Ashdown Forest)

Heather Cord

Role: WALX Coach

I have always enjoyed being active, having been a keen runner, specifically cross country.

Over the years I have had injuries, Nordic Walking allows me to keep active without impact which has really benefited the health of my joints.

Having always been interested in wild flowers and nature in general; Nordic Walking allows me to enjoy these and the changing seasons.

Nordic Walking helps me to stay fit at the same time feel the benefits of spending time in the fresh air. It is the first activity which I have met so many nice people with diverse interests and backgrounds.

I have recently decided to change my career to something I truly enjoy. I decided to start my own group because I want others to feel the same benefits as myself and experience the same enjoyment.

As well as teaching the Nordic WALX I enjoy teaching the Wellness and Total Body WALX.

Mark Sillett

Role: WALX Coach

I recently moved to Rustington from Horsham having been born and bred in South Wales.

Following a career in logistics I got out of the ‘rat race’ in 2007, retrained as a Fitness Professional and for the last seven years have run an outdoor fitness business in Horsham.

Having taught many forms and exercise to individuals and groups both indoors and outside Nordic Walking has always been the constant activity I return to. The combination of the benefits of being in the great outdoors with the natural movement of Nordic Walking cannot be beaten in terms of health and wellbeing and offers something for everyone.

It can be done anytime, anyplace, anywhere, individually or with friends and can range from a leisurely social stroll to a full on fitness session, trek or challenge.

I am really looking forward to joining the Walx community and exploring this wonderful part of the country.

Marriam Hughes

Role: WALX Guide

I wasn’t particularly sporty in my younger days and even managed to get out of PE at school by doing a Photography O-level instead. Having studied Nutrition at university, I understand the importance of exercise in maintaining your health and well-being. I’ve tried working out in a gym, swimming once a week and even a bit of boxercise but it was only when I started Nordic Walking early in 2018, that I found an activity that I really enjoy.  There’s nothing better than being out in the open air in the company of your fellow walkers with the option of a leisurely stroll or a faster challenge. My fitness levels and flexibility have improved and I’ve completed the Chichester half-marathon as well as the Beachey Head Marathon and taken part in a number of charity walks.

Diana Drawbridge

Role: WALX Guide

I have been qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist for 39 years. Initially I worked in a number of different acute hospital settings, but for over 20 years I worked in local NHS Worthing Community Teams, specializing in treating Neurological patients. I have specialists most recently in treating people with Parkinson’s disease.

I’m now retired from the NHS and work as a Private Physiotherapist. I treat clients in their own homes; and I also instruct a weekly exercise class in Worthing and a monthly Washington class for the  local Parkinson’s UK branch.

Nordic walking for people with Neurological disease

I want to enable people with reduced mobility as a result of Parkinson’s disease, and other Neurological conditions, to have the benefit of experiencing Nordic walking to help them to improve their stamina and ability to walk further. Also to give them the opportunity of getting outside to walk more regularly, and to experience the benefits of walking in a group.

The benefits of Nordic walking are many. Here are some that are more specific for Parkinson’s disease.

  • it allows for more fluid movement
  • helps to loosen stiff joints and strengthen muscles
  • it promotes better posture by improving core strength
  • encourages arm swing during walking
  • promotes a more rhythmical and reciprocal gait pattern
  • increases aerobic activity
  • it improves balance
  • it may increase walking speed
  • enables people to walk further outside, and to socialise.

I teach the ACTIVATOR/RE-HAB class as part of the Wellness WALX programme.

Katie Horsley-Page

Role: WALX Guide

I have a real passion for exercise and training in the outdoors. I have always enjoyed walking, especially with my dog in the countryside, so when I was introduced to Nordic Walking I took to it straight away.
Nordic Walking is great for your physical health but I also  appreciate how good it is for your mental health. You can benefit from being in the fresh air as well as the social aspect.
One of my favorite walks is Ditchling Beacon, with the lovely views of the South Downs, but I still I have so much more of the Downs to explore.

I have a background in YOGA and designed the YOGA WALX programme for Exercise Anywhere.

Yoga in the outdoors environment brings a whole new feeling of relaxation and wellbeing.


Jon Horsley-Page

Role: WALX Guide

Jon Horsley-Page – WALX Guide

I grew up walking the moors and valleys of the Yorkshire Dales. Whether is was taking in the beautiful scenery, putting my body through its paces or laughing with my friends I always had a big smile on my face.

With that same enthusiasm I took up Nordic Walking when I moved down south and it’s something that has brought me such joy.

It’s easy to learn the basics, is accessible to all ages and abilities, but most importantly it’s fun to walk together and make friends.

I enjoy teaching the Nordic WALX.

Tina Wigley

Role: WALX Guide

For the last 14 years I have suffered from a few chronic conditions which have been quite debilitating at times and all of the exercise I used to be able to do, netball, swimming, dancing, seemed in the long distance past!

I started Nordic Walking after being told of all the health benefits that walking with poles could give me and it isn’t wrong.

The pressure it takes off your feet and other joints is amazing and has enabled me to go out and walk again, something a year ago I didn’t think possible.  When I first started I thought I would never make it up a hill without stopping but 9 months on I can manage a hill with no stop.

The benefits have been immense for me, I feel fitter, more able to do things and it helps clear my mind too, I feel I can achieve anything!

I have now got to a point where I am doing my own walks which will be social walks, 2-3 miles in length and at an easy pace where we can walk and talk whilst enjoying our lovely surroundings.

Rachel Lucas

Role: WALX Guide

Hi I’m Rachel a recent recruit to Nordic Walking Guiding.

I came to NW after a foot operation and wanted to give myself a much-needed emotional and physical boost to tackle an Alpine walking challenge. It worked I felt amazing, so strong!


Through my training as a counsellor as well as my personal experience, I take a holistic approach to my health and wellbeing noticing how my physical, mental and emotional states are impacting on each other and my overall wellness. This is low key, personal and non-directive. I am really excited to bring this into my WALX Coast And Country activities and share this with you; a sort of Mindfulness Your Way WALX.


See you out there.

Dale More

Role: WALX Instructor

I am a retired MET police officer and physical trainer.

My wife bought me a pair of poles for Christmas last year and straight away I was hooked.

I researched online about trekking and Nordic walking and found NWUK /WALX.

I decided I liked this so much that I wanted to become a trainer.

I have recently passed the training and have been approved as a  trainer.

I get great satisfaction in seeing people gain in confidence and enjoying new experiences, getting physically fit and meeting new people and friends. It’s all part of what got me into training.

My favourite walks are :

Chailey common near Lewes, an ancient common area dating back to 1066 with beautiful views and a good mix of open ground small hills and wooded areas.

Ditchling Beacon / Black Caps, (South Downs walks). So many routes to take its endless

Airman’s grave  (Ashdown Forest)


from members of WALX Coast and Country

I have found a way of exercising that is fun and beneficial

I wanted to send you a big thank you for the amount of energy, skill and fun you bring to your Nordic Walking. I have found a way of exercising that is fun and beneficial and I don't have to go any where near a gym. My fitness had improved enormously in the past few months and I have made new friends at a time when socialising is do difficult. Mandy has gently encouraged me to gain confidence in my techniques and I love the approach to the Advent Calendar sessions. Again, thank you. Linda xx

Linda Howard, 65

My body has changed

I can no longer pinch an inch on my thighs to do my injections...and it’s all your fault...so many squats!!!!!

Claire Bannister, 73

I feel fitter now than I did prior to lockdown

When I joined Denise's Nordic walking group I did not know anyone as I had recently moved to the area. That soon changed as Denise made sure that I was made to feel very welcome and fully included into the group. Her friendly personality and bubbly nature means that everyone has fun and feels at ease.
Denise was fantastic during lockdown. For instance, when lots of clubs stopped meeting she made sure that the groups online activities continued, such as entertaining workouts and achievable challenges to do when out on walks.  I really enjoyed the challenges, such as finding objects to photograph linked to a specific topic. These were great fun and gave me a focus for the day during the difficult and uncertain times. I am sure that it helped people's mental health and well-being immensely. I know this from talking to different people on our varied and interesting walks. Everyone speaks about how great Denise has been.
All in all it is thanks to Denise that I feel fitter now than I did prior to lockdown. I can now walk up hills without getting too out of breath and I am now inspired to challenge myself and do more longer walks.

Maura Pigram, 63

I have gained upperbody strength and improved flexibiliy

I am a keen cyclist which gives me good aerobic fitness but I have lacked in flexibility and upperbody strength. I really enjoy the workout sessions as I can still exercise outdoors and get a great workout. It is as effective as going to the gym without the high fees and I get the benefits of doing it in th fresh air. Win win!

Chris Wods, 32

I have lost 7 stone and feel healthy

I have been Nordic Walking for four years and began my journey having had a stroke and needed something that would help me improve my fitness - or lack of and get my confidence back. During that time I have discovered a new love of walking and exercise, made many new friends and discovered beautiful areas around my own home that I had never been to before. But the biggest bonus has been my improved health having had Asthma all my life when I began my Nordic journey I would need to use my inhaler 2/3 times on a walk now, although I always have it with me I rarely use it. This has undoubtedly been helped by a big weight loss. Nordic and the associated exercise classes have been my only activities and combining this with a healthy diet has meant a seven stone reduction in weight and a happier healthier life. Join us you won’t regret it Sue

Sue Pratt, 65

A well being boost

Join Walx Coast and Country for a well being boost. We walk in the best natural surroundings & with great companions.

Stephanie Collyer, 54

The only outdoor exercise I have ever stuck with!

Nordic walking is the only outdoor exercise I have ever stuck with! This is thanks to Denise's encouragement, enthusiasm and total commitment to helping everyone be the fittest they can be. Within a year I was able to reduce medication and continue to improve my fitness levels. She, and her fellow instructors and walk leaders work from individual starting points to help improve fitness. The wide variety of walks on offer, coupled with the friendly, relaxed groups, makes Nordic Walking an enjoyable way to exercise.

Shirley Mead, 65