Mary Burton – Neurological Physio

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Mary Burton provides both on line and outdoor walking and smovey based classes for those with Parkinson’s disease and neurological conditions in conjunction with her NHS role just outside Bristol

Mary has also joined the WALX HQ team to deliver via our National portal where over 25 on line Exercise sessions delivered by our experts are made available on line. Those who are WALX regulars can access up to 15 of these a week FREE of charge if they pay for their local WALX via a low cost Direct Debit. The classes are also available to those who can not find a WALX group but are looking for safe, supportive and welcoming exercise.

Mary’s background is in neurological physiotherapy, she has  worked  (since last century ) advocating that ‘Exercise is medicine’ movement, getting outside and  fresh air and getting away from sitting at a desk are all good for body and soul  and  looking  for simple answers – to the question ‘How to get moving at a level and intensity that is sustainable and  manageable for  Everyone?’ and for YOU in particular!  

Mary has a background in teaching fitness pilates, exercise in water,  hydrotherapy aquanatal, aquacise, exercise for people with orthopaedic conditions exercise for people with neurological disorders as well as a foundation in training more elite athletes  …all sorts.   We are delighted that under WALX she can combine her nordic walking and pole walking for rehabilitation training with her Smovey training. WALX has promoted these amazing vibrating rings known to be   Mary trained with Smovey themselves in Austria and become hooked on their ethos of  smovey walking and exercise with good old fresh air in the Alps! 

You can view Mary’s personal WALX webpage and classes HERE

You can view the full range of on line classes with the WALX HQ experts HERE