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As part of our pledge to make 2021 the year we helped make a real difference in the fight against climate change and loss of habitat, the HQ team and local Instructors /Leaders embarked on an exciting project to help protect the amazing Sand dunes which are on our doorstep.

We joined Julia Galbenu the engagement officer for the Dynamic Dunescapes project, an ambitious initiative set up to rejuvinate some of England and Wales’ most important sand dune habitats to learn how we can help.

As the WALX Dorset group delivers circa 40 walks a week we figured we could help spread the word to our current walkers and visitors to the area and get them involved too

In the training session, Julia helped us to understand dune formation, identify the positive and negative ‘indicator species’ and appreciate the management work that is under way. We were given access to resources to help us learn more about the plants, rare insects and reptiles plus ideas for holding walks where people can actively get involved.

The aim is to deliver one specific Sand dune Eco walk a month where we provide information and encourage people to help out too.

Those involved were amazed at what was beneath their feet and all commented on how easy it is to bask in the beauty of an area without fully appreciating it and the issues it may face. All vowed to return regularly to improve their knowledge and we have already booked our winter training so we can identify the

This is the first of many projects we intend to engage in both locally to HQ and via our groups across the UK

We make plenty of footprints and want to make sure they are not carbon ones!

If you live near any sand Dunes why not get involved too


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