The things you see when walking!

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We like to look at views and we love to take time to look at the trees, flowers and birds when we are out but it lately our groups seem to discovering weird and wonderful things on their walks too…….

We love the ‘Hedge man’ and think that the poles fit him perfectly! The same group from WALX Wessex also spotted a Dalek  and the strange sign on a gate in our header! Maybe it’s them?

Meanwhile in Manchester the huge Living the Dream statue below was spotted by the Parks and Pathways group who look tiny in comparison.

Mind you, The strangest thing of all just has to be the ‘COW’ who leaped out of the bushes and scared the WALX Preston group!!! (OK it was Matt their Instructor who was trying to combat their fear of livestock but ended up in the local paper …. we wonder why???


As to the skeleton spotted by WALX Leicester East? He seems happy enough on his bench in the sunshine! As does the Gruffolo who puts a different spin on the phrase”if you go down to the woods today”

Its seems there’s never a dull moment when out with our groups.



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