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We asked our resident nutrition expert Lucie Cormack what she believes are the best ways to kick start a healthy eating regime

As followers of her LIVE Nutrition bites webinars every Wednesday evening will know – its all about eating FRESH, SEASONAL food plus healthy seeds, nuts and grains. But how do you prepare them if you are not used to cooking from Scratch or using so much fruit and veg – especially if you are busy?

Lucie told us that there are a few things in her kitchen that she simply can not live without……..

As Lucie advises that you should try to cook everything from scratch and avoid shop made sauces etc where you can, she loves to use her Braun multiQuick 5 vario hand blender to whizz up home made hummus and low fat salad dressings. She believes that by using ingredients like lemon juice, herbs and spices you can create flavour bursts that are low in both saturated fats and sugars. In week 5 she demonstrates just how easy it is to make her delicious fresh hummus in minutes. Click HERE to buy the blender and HERE for her trusty Lemon squeezer which she says is used pretty much daily!

Lucie using her Nutribullet

Lucie also uses a Nutribullet every day to create fast nutritional smoothies that she can prepare the night before and whizz up before she dashes out in the morning. She demonstrates a delicious smoothie in her session on Rainbow foods where she adds almonds to give it a protein hit too. Adding protein to fruity smoothies helps avoid ‘sugar spikes’ and is a great way to add balance to your diet. Click HERE to buy the nutribullet


After each session she sends out the recipe with a Factsheet and her top tips for the topic or food group she covered. Its a great way to learn what foods are great for recovery or to eat before after and during walks for example. Lucie herself has a couple of books and TV programmes  that help her to unravel foodie myths and create delicious plant based bakes from raw foods.

Her go to healthy baking book is Rawsome Vegan Baking  – by Emily von Euw – click HERE to get a copy

When it comes to fats and which to cook with she feels Dr Michael Moseley outlines it really well in his BBC programme – see a clip  HERE

The sessions on Carbohydrates and sugars are fascinating and really help you to understand how to eat well for weight loss, energy and performance too. Lucie demonstrates how to make these delicious NO SUGAR energy bites in just 60 seconds and provides a recipe for NO SUGAR flapjacks that are divine.

Both are ideal to wrap up and pop in your backpack to take on walks YUM!

Lucie uses BEESWAX wraps which are washable and reuseable rather than clingfilm or plastic containers. Click HERE to buy the wraps

As she  is always on the go, dashing out to lead early morning walks, heading up WALX Dorset and doing on- line sessions for WALX HQ –  Lucie says that Breakfast is her favourite meal and she could not live without…..

Her Kilner overnight oats jar which comes with a spoon and is perfect for brekkie on the go. Lucie demonstrates how easy it is to mix up a nutritious balanced Breakfast before going to bed so you can grab it from the Fridge when you leave the house in the morning. Lucie says she loves the fact that its ready to eat and she can choose a stunning spot to eat it without making any mess. Once finished seal the screw top and take home to wash!

Click HERE to buy a Kilner Overnight Oats jar

We have all tasted Lucie’s recipe for overnight oats and have to say its better ( and cheaper ) than the ready made versions and its much more eco friendly too!

Finally Lucie hates to waste anything and believes that by having a fridge full of vegetables and tasking yourself to use them up, you will see how easy it is to slip leftovers into recipes. Try using glass bowls and reuseable silicone covers rather than  plastic containers and cling films. click HERE to buy the covers

We will catch up with Lucie again in a couple of weeks for more tips and great ideas but if you want to join her sessions, You can see them and a full range of on line workouts with our experts including yoga and strength and conditioning here .

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