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As the Festive season comes to an end, you may feel in need of a few weeks of healthier eating so we have just the thing for you.

Join our expert Lucie for Nutrition bites every Wednesday evening at 7 pm – it’s a live session where Lucie outlines some simple food facts, provides healthy swaps and answers questions too. Lucie demonstrates some simple ways to pack your diet with fresh food and healthy options without impacting on taste and best of all, your time! Definitely NOT a diet but just advice on what’s good and what should be eaten in moderation.

Explore how to make the most of fresh seasonal fruit and veg, make pulses appealing and how to cut out the things that make you feel sluggish and likely to gain weight.

After the session Lucie publishes a simple recipe for you to follow  too.

The sessions started out as Lunch with Lucie on the WALX virtual portal where you can find a daily on line workout too (FREE if you are in a WALX or NWUK group and pay by Direct Debit) – those who joined her in November all recorded habit changes and a delight in how simple and delicious healthy food can be! Most also recorded changes in energy levels and weight too.

So come and join us in 2022 and re set your attitude to food….for life!

To book the second session of 2022  on Wednesday 19th January at 7 pm click HERE Then every Wednesday at the same time (see below for session 2 and how to book subsequent sessions). If you are a DD payer with a local NWUK or WALX group it will be FREE but if you are new to WALX or currently pay as you go, feel free to join us for only £5.  If it’s your first session with us you will need to register first. Lucie will be back every week, so you can join her weekly or pop in when you can.

This workshop is one of many on line workouts and workshops provided by the experts at HQ in support our local groups but also to allow us to welcome people who are not lucky enough to have a group nearby …yet!

You can see the rest of the nutrition sessions and a full range of on line workouts with our experts including yoga and strength and conditioning here .

Let WALX make 2022 a BETTER year for YOU!

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