Adjusting Nordic walking poles

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Nordic Walking poles adjust for height in a variety of ways but the most typical are either TWIST lock or CLIP lock

Both are great ways to ensure the pole is the right height for you which is best discussed with a qualified Instructor who can look at your height, gait and fitness levels to agree a starting point. See more re getting the right height for you HERE

These two videos by the experts at WALX explain the differences and also how to deal with common issues –

For instance if you are you having trouble getting your twist lock pole to adjust for height? This is a common problem caused by over twisting and it’s easy to remedy.

TWIST LOCK Nordic walking poles


CLIP (or CLICK) LOCK Nordic walking poles


Our team are always on hand to help you if you need any advice on Nordic Walking poles or tuition – call us on 0333 1234 540.

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