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Feeling lethargic and want to really boost your health, tone up and feel good?

Nordic Walking is the SOLUTION to your RESOLUTION in 2021 because it is EFFECTIVE, AFFORDABLE and COVID SAFE too

Nordic Walking works the whole body, takes the weight off lower body joints and enables you to exercise outdoors which is great for your mental health as well.

It is easy to learn but there are plenty of confusing messages around the correct technique and poles to use.

The POWER of POLES (PoP) induction course devised by Nordic Walking UK makes it simple to grasp, enjoyable and also ensures the following:-
  • You master the technique at the RIGHT level for you at the RIGHT intensity for you
  • You do not make the most common mistakes and miss out on the benefits
  • You are taught by a QUALIFIED Instructor who understands gait, movement and fitness.
  • You get to try all types of poles  – traditional strapped and the new strapless poles
  • The poles are provided so no risk of buying the wrong ones until you are sure
  • You will learn how to adjust poles to the right height for you
  • You will gain a FREEDOM passport which enables you to join walks all over the UK
  • You will be able to save on poles and postage once you know which ones are best for you
  • You will be able to enjoy other outdoor exercise sessions to work on balance, strength and wellbeing too
  • You will be part of a Nationwide network of Nordic walkers who share tips and plan exceptioanl walks
The POWER of POLES Nordic walking induction has been developed over several years by the UK’s leading experts who aim to help as many people as possible to get out and enjoy safe, effective pole walking.

You can Master the basics and get going after one 90 minute session with one of the NWUK expert Instructors and book a second session if you want to master more advanced techniques.

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