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Many of our blogs feature coffee in some way, a group enjoying a coffee after a walk or an Instructor handing out coffees from their ‘Car boot Cafe’ in a muddy layby!

So, it’s no surprise that our HQ is also fuelled by good coffee! But what is good coffee? That’s both good taste AND good for the planet in our book.

Good ‘Barista grade’ coffee often hails from the highest peaks in the world and is chosen by people who care how it is grown as well as the taste. We are quite picky at here at HQ too but not just about the quality of the coffee, in our drive to protect the planet, we stopped using the super convenient ‘pod machine’ because we just did not like the fact that the pods were going into landfill. We also like to use coffee grounds in the garden so resorted to using the good old filter machine and the messy process of taking the used damp filters home (messy business)!

Imagine our joy when we discovered HALO, a company that shares our love for good coffee, the planet and providing benefits to our lovely Members too! Made of paper and sugar cane pulp, Halō’s planet friendly capsules and boxed whole beans degrade in as little as four weeks, returning to the soil as nutrients.


Yes, at last…..REALLY delicious coffee in pods that can go direct onto the compost heap yaaay!

So it stands to reason that we want to share this with our Members so we have teamed up with HALO to make sure that our Members can also enjoy guilt free coffee from their pod machines!

So if you think green living is worth the investment this year, WALX and NWUK members can now enjoy a massive 20% discount at Halō Coffee, the 100% home compostable coffee pod (& now whole beans too!) company, with flavour that packs a punch!.

So, if you love coffee, why not try Halō and help protect the health of our planet. Claim your exclusive member discount code at, simply input the code at checkout to receive the 20% discount off your final spend.

To find the code log in to your  WALX or NWUK dashboard where all your benefits are easy to locate

NOT YET A MEMBER OF WALX/NWUK? Join today because you are not only missing out on this benefit but a host of other savings too. See more info on the benefits and how to join for ONLY £14.95 a year HERE

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