9 Operations won’t stop Anna!

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Retired nurse, Anna Wardle is not one to give up due to pain or discomfort but this 62 year Nordic Walker has endured 9 Orthopaedic operations including a hip replacement and a subsequent revision after a dislocation. The first Hip operation was at the age of 51 and it wasn’t until the revision when she was 59 that she was actually diagnosed with hyper-mobile joints syndrome which was possibly an underlying cause of many of her health problems.
Anna (pictured left and  centre of the header image of her group) told us that she has had 3 operations on her feet alone, plus shoulder and thumb surgery and is so grateful she discovered Nordic walking. Prior to that she found walking an absolute ‘chore’, could not cover any distance comfortably and had a constant fear of falling.
A member of the Saddleworth group, Anna uses strapless poles which she feels provide her with stability without aggravating her thumb joints. She has been walking for approx 4 years now and has been attending  3 times a week for walks of 4 – 5 miles with the occasional longer one too!
Anna told us
My Instructor Caroline Fisher is super supportive and I have benefited enormously from being in a group. I found that having to sign up in advance, helps to motivate me on days when I might otherwise have opted to stay indoors and the thought of missing the fun with group helps too. They are such a lovely bunch and have helped me return to walks after operations (including breast cancer treatment) In fact, those who can’t join a walk for any reason are always welcome to meet them for ‘after walk coffees’ and Caroline always encouraged me to start off by doing half a walk until I was able to complete the full ones. Sadly I am now awaiting a right hip replacement so it’s coffee only for me for a while but I’ll be back!
Anna would recommend joining a group with a qualified Instructor no matter what health issues you feel may be holding you back. Nordic walking with others is a great way to get back into exercise and manage any health condition plus it’great fun and you get to see so many beautiful places.

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