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We are excited about the latest innovation in Nordic walking poles because our mission is to make it easy to learn and natural to do.

That’s why we are embracing the latest pole design from Fizan in Italy which harnesses a simple ‘corrective angle’ concept that’s not new to poles or sport but is a NEW way to help people get the correct armswing, wrist angle and pole plant when using strapped Nordic walking poles

We think this simple design addresses many of the teaching points that beginners may find tricky with Nordic walking technique and is also great for those with grip or wrist issues.

In this VIDEO we chat to the Owner of the Fizan factory, Andrea Zaltron to find out more about their commitment to producing quality nordic walking poles and about how this design came about. Andrea works closely with Nordic walking Instructors’ in Italy and also became one himself in order to experience some of the issues they faced.

We are delighted that they share our passion for bringing Nordic walking to the masses and really feel this design will help to do just that.

Our Instructor network has been involved in the trials of the poles in the UK and here is some of the feedback we have had

Nikkii Barnett from Woodford Green has been a NWUK Instructor for over 10 years so has used a mix of poles. She told us

The Impulse poles look stylish; lightweight and streamlined, they are comfortable to hold and I haven’t noticed any vibration. They feel solid with a comfortable fitting hand strap.

The angle of the wrist doesn’t change when ‘gripping’ the pole. I’ve found it’s harder to bend at the elbow with the angled grip making for a more natural arm swing. The angled grip also encourages a lighter grip.

The pole plant is also not as far back and less effort is required to propel yourself forward due to this.

I would recommend the Fizan Impulse poles to any of my walkers.


The poles will be available from 4th April in the WALX store

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