No ‘TIERS’ of Sadness with us!

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We hate to think of our friends in Tier 4 not being able to join their groups as usual but we also know how important it is to break the spread of the virus

That’s why we have been supporting our Instructors to take their unique mix of motivation and fun on line to help those who are experiencing lock downs or self isolation.

During December the WALX HQ team went the extra mile with a daily workout plan to keep folk motivated read more HERE

The workouts were FREE to all those who pay for their regular sessions by DD and a nominal charge for those who prefer to pay n play (with a donation to Parkinson’s UK for each one) As much as we try to make them relate to walking, we do add a mix of styles to ensure people have fun and get results

So what have the Team planned for the NEW year?

TWO fun workouts a week with the WALX HQ EXPERTS – FREE to ALL DD PAYERS and only £5 for those who may only want to join us on line now and then

Here’s how to join in…………

Step 1. Visit the WALX virtual portal and check out the HQ classes which are every MONDAY (gentle) and Thursday (more energetic) To view the sessions by the WALX team HERE

Oh, and if you usually book on our Exercise Anywhere  portal with your local group we will that Instructor a percentage of any fees we collect as we want to help them through these tough times and to make sure they are still here for you in 2021

Step 2 If you have joined us before you will know all about the Exercise Anywhere booking portal but if you are new to this – don’t be put off, you will need to register and complete a health questionnaire but this will just save you time when lock down lifts and you can get out with your local group. (which we hope you will!)

Come and join us – what have you got to lose but a few inches and that winter frown?

Pssst! –  There are loads more on line workouts every day with our other Instructors around the UK too click HERE to find something that suits you

Select virtual WALX live for the LIVE group classes or simply watch some of our pre recorded videos.


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