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Nordic walking poles can be a tad confusing especially to newcomers so we thought we would help you to understand with a series of articles about certain groups of poles – how they adjust and why this matters!

We thought it best to start with the EXTENDABLE poles because they are the’ go to’ poles for Nordic walkers seeking comfort and performance.

Although they are adjustable for size, they differ from typical 2 piece Nordic walking poles for two reasons:-

  1. The adjustment is situated closer to the handle than typical adjustable 2 piece poles in order to reduce vibration
  2. The bottom shaft of an extendable pole is typically made of carbon and is usually much longer due to the location of the adjuster ( see above) this adds performance and also minimises vibration. This makes them very similar to FIXED length poles except these do allow height adjustment which we believe is vital.

Who are they good for?

All Nordic walkers and walkers who like to feel a quality pole plant in the ground when using for Nordic walking style propulsion or generally supportive hiking. Great for the regular Nordic walker who wants superior comfort and reliability. Especially good for those who like lightweight carbon poles and those who want the feel of a FIXED LENGTH pole but with that all important micro adjustment for height.

Who are they not ideal for?

As the bottom section is quite long, these poles are NOT ideal for those who want to pack them down small in a backpack or for travelling. They will need go in the sports luggage when travelling abroad. They are also not suited to those looking for budget poles as they are typically more expensive than 2 piece adjustable poles.

Which models do we recommend?

GABEL INVERSO CARBON (Currently reduced!)

We absolutely LOVE these poles which are all about performance and quality.

The adjuster is very close to the handle and the quality carbon shaft produces a solid and vibration free plant into the ground. Height adjustment ranges from 105 – 130 so perfect for taller walkers too.

The gloves feature a trigger clip system and are stretchy.

Pure bliss to walk with and lightweight too. Excellent value for money!



LEKI INSTRUCTOR LITE  (Currently reduced)

We have stocked various versions of these popular and dependable poles for nearly 10 years and they have always been in our top 5 Nordic walking poles. They feature a shark strap attachment  (unique to Leki) and a carbon bottom section although it is not quite as long as typical extendable poles so they are strictly adjustable but hey! The height adjustment is just above the centre of the poles and is a clip adjuster with a range from 100-125cm (see here for adjustment types) so they are the only poles with a carbon bottom section which go shorter than 105.



Another firm favourite with the HQ team (especially as these poles bear the WALX livery!)

Again, the adjuster is clip lock and close to the handle and the lower section is quality carbon.

They adjust in height from 105-130cm. Superb quality and comfortable straps with a trigger clip system (see here for more info on pole straps)




The latest extendable poles to arrive in the UK – these feature the NEW 15 degree angle at the handle that provides a natural but effective pole plant.

See this video for more information on this exciting new development.

Again sporting the WALX colours and with a soft trigger clip glove, these poles are the perfect pole for a regular Nordic walker looking for comfort, reliability and performance.

They come in two sizes for precision height adjustment 107 – 120 and 117 – 130.



To view and compare all of the Extendable poles in our range click HERE 

If you have any questions about Nordic walking poles call us on 0333 1234 540 or e mail store@nordicwalking.co.uk. We want you to have the best poles for YOU! Next time we will feature collapsible, telescopic /traveller poles to help you get sorted for the holiday season.

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