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Did you know that the HQ team host a daily on line workout that’s FREE to all walkers who pay for their group walks via monthly DD and low cost to those who prefer to ‘pay n play’?

During the COVID lockdowns the HQ team stepped in to deliver a daily on line workout for our Instructors to share with their groups. The aim was to harness the amazing expertise we have in the network to help those who might be less confident delivering indoor workouts.  Denise Page (pictured) is one of our Tutor team but is also a leading fitness presenter so she and others provided improvised workouts from their gardens and living rooms.

What we did not expect is that our walkers absolutely LOVED joining in from the comfort of their own homes and touching base with people from other groups around the UK. So much so that the daily workouts have continued due to demand – even though the outdoor walks are back again!

Denise says………

“We love the fact so many many walkers are combining them with their weekly walks and the times are really convenient  with everything from early morning wake ups and 40 minute ‘lunchtime loosen ups’  to evening yoga and mid morning body blasts! It’s a real demonstration of teamwork within our network as well as how amazing some of the Instructors are”

The way our Instructors have motivated their clients during a difficult year has been astounding, from on line coffee mornings, challenges, photo competitions and daily technique tips, but we knew that for some, delivering an indoor workout would literally be a STEP too far. Now the concept has grown to include navigation workshops, tips on mountain walking and lots of other interesting sessions.

YOU can join in the daily workout too if they do not show up on your groups activity calendar, you can browse direct HERE

If your are new to WALX you will need to register first and complete a short health questionnaire – it will be worth it!

If you would rather watch some of the workouts in your own time, we have popped some of them on our on demand virtual workout section HERE

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